The only oral disinfectant with lidocaine


The mouthwash has antiseptic bactericide effect through the cetrimide substance, and local anesthetic through lidocaine.
Lidocaine, which is a local anesthetic, has been added to the compound to remove  the common pain that goes together with ulcerous lesions
(such as thrushs) and inflammation of the oral-pharyngeal mucosa.

Ulcerative lesions of the oral cavity;
Gingivitis, stomatitis (inflammation of oral and gingival mucosa);
Mechanical irritations of the oral mucosa caused by dental prostheses or other orthodontic devices;
Dental pain (including those caused by dental damage or dental extraction);
Pharyngitis and tonsillitis: to ease the pharyngeal pain, as antiseptic, and to remove the halitosis (unpleasant smell of the mouth).

Cetrimide and lidocaine – topical anestethetic, useful in the rapid calming of pain.

Citrolin should be used as it is in the bottle- without dilution. Use 15 ml of mouthwash, three times a day or as many times as it takes.

– If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to cetrimide, lidocaine, or any of the other components of this drug.
– children under the age of 6
– If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, you think you might be pregnant or you intend to remain pregnant, ask your doctor or pharmacist for their recommendations before taking this medicine.

Box containing 1 bottle with 120 ml of mouthwash.