Rapidly alleviates spinal irritation!



DERMOCARE is an emollient and anti-irritant cream for infants and children. Prepared for the protection and care of fine and sensitive skin, especially in children, starting with the newborn, perfectly compatible with the skin. Dimethicone, the first ingredient, adheres perfectly to the skin, preventing the penetration of water and irritants. Thus, it has the possibility to protect the skin from water soluble irritants but also to prevent the appearance of decubitus ladders. Cetrimide, the second ingredient, has antiseptic properties, acting against gram-positive germs and some species of gram-negative germs. Through the two components, Dermocare is an emollient and antiseptic cream, non-toxic, with excellent cleaning properties.


Prevention of diaper irritations; Preventing the appearance of stairs; Skin protection against irritation in colostomies; As an antiseptic, to prevent infections that may occur in superficial cuts or scratches; Skin protection against drying or irritation caused by detergents or other chemicals.


Each gram contains: Dimethicone “350” 100 mg, Cetrimide 5 mg.


Apply a thin film of cream 2-3 times a day on the skin and massage gently. The cream will be applied to clean skin without traces of detergents or soap.


The cream does not apply to the eyes.


Box with 20 g cream tube