Vitamin A


Vitamin A is essential for the normal functioning of the retina (membrane of the eye on which the visual image forms). Vitamin A also serves in bone development, ovarian and testicular function, embryonic development, and in regulating the growth and differentiation of epithelial tissues.

VITAMIN A 50000 is indicated in the treatment of hypovitaminosis associated with food deficiency, Vitamin A storage absorption disorders, manifested by poor adaptation to darkness, nictalopie, xeroftalmie corneal ulcerations, keratomalacia, xerosis with follicular hyperkeratosis. Chronic conditions accompanied by structural and functional changes in epithelium: Ozena, chronic bronchitis, stomatitis, glossitis, atrophic gastritis.

A soft capsule contains vitamin A 15 mg (50000 U.I.) corresponding to vitamin A palmitate 27,75 mg and excipients: Soy oil, gelatin, 85% anhydrous, 85% glycerol, ethyl sodium salt p-hydroxybenzoate, propyl sodium salt p-hydroxybenzoate.

8-15 years children: The recommended daily dose in hypovitaminosis is a soft capsule (50000 U.I.); the straps are repeated every 15 days until normal liver reserve is rebuilt.
Adults and adolescents: The recommended dose is a soft capsule 2 times a day (100000 U.I.) for 3 days, then a soft capsule (50000 U.I.) per day for 15 days; straps repeat every 15 days until normal liver reserve is rebuilt

If you are allergic (hypersensitive) to vitamin A or any of the other components of vitamin A capsule;
if you suffer from kidney failure;
if you suffer from lipid (fat) absorption disorders, hypervitaminosis A (excess presence of vitamin A) or chronic malabsorption (digestion disorder);
If you take other drugs at the same time that interfere with vitamin A absorption;
children under 8 years of age (due to pharmaceutical form and concentration)

Box with 24 gelatin capsules