Usage of cookies policy

Usage of cookie policy

Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL

I. Introduction

Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL uses cookies on its owned web pages.
Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL establishes the policy regarding cookies as well as the way in which they are used.

II. What are cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of text sent by the user’s browser to a site they are accessing. These are “pieces of text”, stored locally and which can be viewed and / or deleted.
A cookie file is stored in the web browser and allows it to be useful for a user, more precisely it can provide an important image of his activity and preferences, and can be used for identification without expressing explicit consent.
Not all cookies are used to identify users, there are also cookies for analysis, advertising as well as functional services such as surveys.
At all successive visits that the user makes on the sites owned by Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL, the server generates cookies. In this case we can consider cookies as a label that the servers apply to each user, then read them to identify users.
This identification is extremely useful especially on websites where obtaining real-time user data is critical.

II. How Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL uses cookies

When the user accesses the sites owned by Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL, a number of cookies may be present in his browser.
Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL uses cookies to activate certain functions of the services, to provide analysis, to store user preferences, to allow the delivery of ads, including advertising based on consumer behavior.
Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL uses both session and persistent cookies, described below.
Sites owned by Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL may contain references (links) to websites or to third party applications. These third-party websites may use their own cookies, but Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL cannot control these third party websites and cannot be held responsible to the user for them.
These references or applications may have their own policy and therefore the user must read the cookie policy of other websites or applications before using them.

IV. User options regarding cookies

If the user wants to set the browser to delete or refuse the use of cookies, the browser’s help pages must be set or there is a possibility that if the user deletes cookies or refuses to accept them, he can no longer use all the functions that Pharco Impex ’93 SRL offers, and as a consequence may not be able to store preferences or some of the web pages may not be displayed correctly.
The user can set the internet browser, block cookies or display a warning notification before a cookie file is stored on his computer.

V. Types of cookies

“Session Cookies” are temporary cookies and expire once the user leaves the web pages of Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL.
“Permanent Cookies” are permanent cookies that can remain on the disk long after the end of the session.
These cookies may contain connection data, contact information, etc., so that it is not necessary for the user to enter them each time the use of the web pages owned Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL
In other words, the information received with the help of these cookies contributes to Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL’s analysis of the traffic on its sites, allowing the identification and solving of problems for a better navigation on the site.
“Third-party cookies” are cookies set by another site, other than the one the user is on. Their purpose is to collect certain information, in terms of behavior, marketing, etc.
“Publicity Cookies” are advertising cookies that help Pharco Impex ’93 SRL to provide relevant ads for the user, to measure the performance of the advertising campaign analyzing the interaction with advertisements, which count users who clicked on advertisements or visited Web page.

VI. The importance of cookies

Cookie files help in generating a friendly internet browsing experience, adapted to the preferences and interests of each user.
Refusing or disabling cookies can make some Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL proprietary sites impossible to use.
The refusal or deactivation of cookies does not lead to the fact that the user no longer receives online advertising, but only that it will not be able to take into account the user’s preferences and interests, highlighted by the browsing behavior.

VII.Google Analytics

Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL collaborates with Google Analytics to allow them to use cookies, SDKs (Software Development Kit) as well as other technologies suitable for traffic monitoring.

VIII.Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks

The sites owned by Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL use plug-ins from third parties in the form of a distribution button: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and other social networks, etc.
With the help of this sharing button, Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL ads can be distributed on the third-party platforms, provided that the user is connected to their services. These third parties may connect the interaction with the Sites owned by Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL and the user’s account.
Therefore, there is an obligation for the user to read and understand the privacy policies and / or cookies policy of these third parties before clicking on the share button.

IX. Policy for using cookies

This policy will be updated periodically, depending on the functional changes that may occur, both internally and legislatively.
We encourage users to check the Sites owned by Pharco Impex ‘93 SRL periodically to be informed of the latest news regarding the use of cookies.