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Improving the body’s immune system response

The immune system is the one that acts constantly to protect our body from infections, viruses, parasites, and all sorts of other external agents that could cause disease.

Working with the brain system, the immune system also has its vulnerabilities, often being attacked and therefore weakened by some external factors. These can be represented by the very high level of accumulated stress, a deficient diet – which either does not provide the necessary nutrients or is based on an accumulation from a compulsive eating style.

The weakening of the immune system is sometimes caused by things that could usually get out of sight when we try to discover ourselves and understand our thinking, affect, and body at the same time: such as a certain level of stress or anxiety, increased than would be necessary generated by an improper management of relations with those close to us.

Therefore, many of the specialists who have a holistic approach in researching the causes that bring suffering to our body and mind, often recommend cultivating relationships that give us satisfaction, understanding, calm, before and / or together with the recommendation of some adjuvants as dietary supplements in remedying an immune disorder.

1. How can herbs help regulate immunity?

Medicinal plants can be derived from plants and plant extracts – standardized or not, which have a fairly extensive history of being used for certain remedies, which have been shown to be effective in improving health.

Recent research pays close attention to understanding the mechanism by which active plant principles act.

The study of the main active ingredients with a beneficial effect on the body’s health have reconfirmed over time the extremely important contribution given by Nigella Sativa in regulating the immune system response.

The extract of this plant acts on modulating immunity – that is, not only increasing it, but also balancing it – if it is an organism with a surplus of cells that produces an immunity out of control – usually in the case of patients with autoimmune diseases.

2. What is Nigella Sativa and how does it help to improve the immune system?

Nigella Sativa or Black Cumin is a plant cultivated and valued by the oriental peoples, who praised in their works the healing properties of the “black seeds”. In ancient medicine, Nigella sativa was used in severe intoxications with fever and severe edema (wasp stings, scorpion, snake bite), pneumonia, asthma.

The main pharmacological components with anti-infective activity on the respiratory system of Nigella Sativa extract are:

  • Thymol = antibacterial action
  • Thymoquinone (TQ) = antibacterial and antifungal actions
  • As well as the integral oily extract = antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal actions

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3. What product can Pharco help you with?

Baraka® (pure Nigella Sativa extract), existing in the form of Baraka 450 mg which is administered to children over 12 years and adults and Baraka 100 mg which is administered to children between 6-12 years, which in addition to the immunostimulatory effects and immuno-modulator, specifically associates a series of pharmacological properties beneficial for the respiratory tract: bronchodilators, anti-cough, anti-allergic, and antibacterial therefore Baraka® is recommended as an immuno-modulator and immuno-stimulator of choice for respiratory system.