Baraka 100mg

Restores immune balance and prevents allergies!
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    Through the antioxidant, calming and nutritious components in black caraway oil, BARAKA provides the optimal support for increasing the immunity in children and adults and soothes the irritating cough.

    Baraka is recommended for persons with persistent cough, persistent after colds or virus infection, and for persons with a high sensitivity of the respiratory braches, as well as for smokers. Through its antioxidant, calming and nutritious components in black caraway oil, Baraka provides the optimal support for increased immunity to children and adults and calms the irritating cough.

    Black cumin seed oil contains saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, volatile oil, vitamins, enzymes and mineral salts, saponins and nigelones (substances specific to the Nigella sativa plant).

    for children between 6-12 years:
    –To increase anti-infectious and anti-oxidant defense capability: 3-4 capsules per day, continuing for one month or in regular curative treatments of 21 days per month, for 3-6 consecutive months;
    — as anti-tussive:3 capsules per day, 7-14 days.

    for patients with thrombocytopeny and patients following antithrombotics treatments can be used only with your physician approval.

    Box with 24 gelatin capsules