Statement on quality policy

In the current context of the market economy, our organization aims to permanently improve the quality of the products and services offered to our customers.

       Viewed from this perspective, the quality of the products and services offered becomes a mission for our organization that wants to stay in a top position in the market because customers will exist only when the products and services offered meet their needs and expectations.

       Through the adopted policy we aim to make it suitable for the purpose and context of the organization, to support our strategic direction and respect, trust, availability and kindness are always the basis of the relationships between us, our clients and other stakeholders.

       Given this reality, our mission is to develop partnership relationships with all our customers and other stakeholders, to discover new opportunities to increase market share.

In order to achieve the strategic vision of the organization, we have set as the main objective the continuous improvement of the quality management system and the maintenance of its certification in order to comply with the requirements of the standard SR EN ISO 9001: 2015 which inspires confidence in the products and services offered and to grow the degree of customer satisfaction, to help improve the performance of the organization and the harmonious development of the relations between the stakeholders: customers, employees, suppliers, owners and society.

       Taking into account our field of activity “import and distribution of pharmaceutical products, nutritional supplements and cosmetics”, the management is oriented to:

  • continuous improvement of the quality of products and services in order to satisfy the implicit and explicit requirements of the customers by taking corrective actions in all processes and activities carried out;
  • expanding the current market segment and increasing the number of customers by optimizing processes and by respecting contract terms and conditions;
  • increasing the professional competence of the personnel through trainings, specializations and their motivation in accordance with the objectives of the company;
  • integrating the requirements of the management system into the business processes of the organization;
  • process-based approach and risk-based thinking;
  • communicating to employees the importance of an effective management system;
  • efficient use of energy, natural resources and materials.


        Management at the highest level will ensure all conditions for:

  • knowledge, maintenance and continuous improvement of the quality management system;
  • compliance with legal and other requirements specific to the field of activity;
  • the involvement and awareness of the staff in order to implement the quality policy as well as its participation in achieving the quality objectives;
  • periodic analysis of the effectiveness of the management system in achieving the objectives and identifying the potentials for improvement;
  • periodic analysis of the policy as well as of the objectives to ensure their continued adequacy.


        The management at the highest level assumes responsibility for the effectiveness of the quality management system. It ensures that the policy and objectives are compatible with the strategic context and direction of the organization.


         As Administrator, I commit myself to provide all the resources necessary for a good functioning of the management system, in order to achieve the objectives as well as an adequate technical and organizational framework. 



Mr. Omar Farag

Date: 05.01.2024